Sunday, August 16, 2015

221st Page of my 300 page autobiography

There are two kinds of life for every human being. The first and front-end life is about  what we live, what constitutes our memory and what is tangibly evident. This is a life  which is in arena. We know almost all things and many others know something about it  as well. The second life is an alter life. A life we never lived but something which we could have. We may also call the life of “What if”. What if I haven’t studied engineering? What if I pursued my hobbies with more passion than what I did? And So on..... 

The way we live our life not only depends on these inevitable questions, Instead it also thrives on them. And what better way to answer these questions than an autobiography? As a reader of this book I expect first 220 pages have given you enough information about my life, from this page it will be about the roads I haven’t taken. The reason for not choosing them and going down the memory lane if I can relive those moments what could have been my path now?