Friday, September 18, 2009

sachin-the incarnation of god!

CRICKET - A sport is about the battle between the ball & the bat. However the era of 70's & 80's was of the dominance of the ball over the bat. The names of great batsmen like Sunil Gavaskar, Sir Vivian Richards, and Allan Border were few and far between, who acted as representatives of the batsmen and tried to lead the struggle of the bat across the globe, against the likes of Malcom Marshal, Joel Garner, Denis Lilee, Jeff Thompson, Courtley Ambrose, Imran Khan, Michael Holding, Sarfaraz Nawaz, etc. whew ! what a line up !!But dominance of anything over another in a system that ought to be balanced is never acceptable. and so was the scenario in the international cricket arena. the world waited with baited breath to see more frequent , real contests of the bat and the ball. with the looming retirement of Sunny , the future seemed bleak to say the least !However , whenever darkness falls , a tiny ray of light is all thats needed ! And luckily for us , the answer wasnt too far away ...As told in Geeta by Lord Krishna when the decline of dharma and increase of adharma on this globe becomes intolerable, I manifest my eternally perfect form in this mundane world. To protect my unalloyed devotees, annihilate the wicked and reinstate dharma, I take birth in every age...The world was unaware that a star is born somewhere in Mumbai (then Bombay) on 24th of April, 1973, in a middle class family, and as a third child to Ramesh & Rajni Tendulkar.Now, though this might sound exaggerated and unreal to many, but this is my firm belief and I am sure that most of the true sachin fans will give their consentbut i believe that god himself sent our master onto this earth for a very definite purpose. and that was to inspire millions like me to do what they love doing , to have faith in their dreams .His biggest attribute according to me is that he just does something because he loves doing it and that is why he takes the pain to improve it and do it really very well. He didn't do anything for outer world or to prove himself in front of someone, but he did it because he felt that he is good at it and enjoys doing it.and thus he made us all learn soo many important lessons about life. And, most importantly he loves batting so much that automatically bat became heavier than the ball, eventually nullifying the dominance of the bowlers over the batsman. Because of his immense love and dedication for batting I feel that he led the battle of batsmen against the giant bowlers of that time. Everyone started believing him as a rescuer of the shivering batsmen across the globe, and to end the dread and fear of ferocious bowlers few of whom are named above. His arrival was a ray of hope for the posterity, and filled the game of cricket with a bloom.The protagonist is the most revered player in the history of cricket, not only by his fellow countrymen but also across the globe. The man who is the sheer ocean of talent, the man who earned his place in the hearts of billions, the man who came just for the betterment of the game, the man who took batting to the new heights which can't be transcended, the man who broke, attained and created every possible record in batting, the man who rates the game at highest priority in his life ahead of his family, the man who has devoted his entire life for the game, the man who has many devotees like me of his won, the man who can make millions smile by making them forget their grieves; is one & only one SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR.People who lived in the era of Lord Krishna were unaware that he is God; they considered him as just a super-human living in between them. They started believing him as God after around 500 years. Who knows what we will see after 500 years for Master. Many of you might feel that I am mad. But who cares? No regrets. I feel immensely proud, I feel lucky, I feel overwhelmed, I feel frenzy, I feel fortunate, I feel bestowed upon for being born in his era, being his compatriot, being his devotee,