Thursday, July 9, 2009

the silent crusader says it all!

For me there are three kinds of people in this world. One who do less n get more credit for their deeds, other who get the credit what they deserve n third one who keeps on doing great work but was never credited ,never recognized .In the fast growing commercial world it is extremely difficult to find third kind of people especially in entertainment sector . But one man had done it, and done it to the perfection .Yes he is none other than V V S laxman,the architect of majority of victories of team INDIA in test cricket. The unsung hero of test cricket doesn’t believe in speaking with his mouth he rather allow his bat to do so. If sachin had been god like, sourav have been the aggressor ,dravid have been the person whom every mother wants to be his son-in-law.Laxman batting n his presence is like a glassful of water in the desert
When VVS is fielding, he is one of the most vocal of supporters of the bowlers, but nothing much is said to the batsman. He along with the other senior batsmen were all being asked questions by a section of the media, perhaps tired of writing about the same faces day in, day out. VVS, like he does to the verbals on the field, has responded to it with the eloquence of his bat.
This bat speaks a language that is as sweet as any Bengali or Lebanese dessert, and there is not a cricket supporter or critic, even the most indefatigable of them, who has not been enchanted by it. The fastest of bowlers is caressed to the boundary with little more than a turn of the wrist, and in all the years that he has been playing, he never appears to have hit the ball in anger though his scoring rate is no less than all the bludgeoners of the ball.
It’s the way he finds the gaps that is breathtaking. People have to find a fault. So they see it in his running between the wickets, but then VVS has seldom been run-out either, so that argument is thrown out of the window straight away.

People may call his silence as shyness , lack of communication skills.But he is one of the few who will shut the other’s mouth up with a classic one-liner.I still remember harsha bhogle asking him doesn’t it hurts that despite of ironical performances the name laxman is always lost in glory? And like his every innings the elegance and timing was near to perfection when he responded ‘’You are not here for adulation. How many receive a chance to play for the country? Luckily I had a good upbringing. Values were taught to me early. You should never forget where you came from. More than education it is the upbringing that matters. Mine is a simple middle-class upbringing. Despite being educated if you cannot handle success or failure, it doesn't matter how educated you are."

People remember and celebrate every success of sachin,dravid ,sourav and even yuvraj and dhoni but laxman like his name always stays in background. He is as supportive as laxman the mythological character was but when had fellowmen really cared of him when he was on the verge of dying.Perhaps V V S LAXMAN importance too will be known when he will bid good-bye to cricket .The phenomenon of loving what you like to do and never caring what you got in return will end that day too. But before that day several people like me who had always thought but never dared to say because of strangeness with which listeners n reader will react will say it today “YES,WE WANT TO BE LIKE LAXMAN.A VERY VERY SPECIAL LAXMAN.