Sunday, May 17, 2009


Gujarat has always been prosperous compared to the rest of the country thanks to the enterprising traditions of its residents for centuries. Over the last few years, Gujarat has made excellent progress on all fronts and had received various awards. Be it infrastructure building or water distribution, economic freedom or environmental protection, e-Governance or energy conservation, health accessibility or heritage protection and sanitation or software development, the state has made amazing progress in a short time. The agencies conferring these awards include International bodies like the United Nations (Sasakawa Award for outstanding reconstruction work in disaster risk reduction), World Bank (Green Awards for excellence in environment consciousness during post earthquake rehabilitation), UNESCO (Asia Pacific Heritage Award for reconstruction of a Gurudwara damaged during the earthquake) and various Ministries / agencies of Government of India like Ministry of power, Ministry of non-conventional energy services and institutions like India Tech Excellence Foundation (2005, for the most progressive and dynamic state in power sector reforms) and Computer Society of India (and Nihilant Technology Citizen Facilitation Award for the Best e-Governed State). Gujarat ranks number one in The Economic Freedom Index as per the research conducted by none other than The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Thus said industrialist Anil Ambani "If Gujarat was a separate country, it would stand in a different league among some of world"s most flourishing and prosperous countries" It is no wonder that he has been recognized as No.1 Chief Minister by the people, thrice in last five years in India Today - ORG MARG Survey, a unique recognition ever achieved by any CM in the country.
Eminent writer-activist Mahasweta Devi, recently praised Gujarat, "I have been to Gujarat many times, especially during the 2002 communal killings. ..I was deeply impressed to see the strong work culture in Gujarat. The city and village roads are well-built, even the remotest villages have electricity and access to drinking water. I was especially impressed with the medical facilities in the panchayats and local-level health centers..." Comparing to the over 30 years of the communist Government rule in West Bengal, she summarizes, "...Not at all like West Bengal where, even now, villages and panchayat areas have hardly any electricity.
The recent Nano car episode is further proof of the difference between the governments of the two states.Writes Prafull Goradia, "What is unique about Mr Modi is his governance by management and administration by objectives. Singapore under legendary Lee Kuan Yew was the pioneer in adopting this concept and conclusively proving its success. .. In Gujarat he has demonstrated a flair for statesmanship.
."The people of India are disillusioned with its politicians, to say the least. Even after 61 yrs of Independence, a vast section of the population still remains underprivileged, poor and illiterate. Big plans and tall promises are made at every election but are never implemented. Shortsighted policies meant for immediate gain, corruption, nepotism, manipulation of the system for personal benefit, lust for wealth and power and ugly vote bank policies are rampant and usual. Development for the mass is the least of the priorities. Virtues of honesty, integrity, wisdom, morality and nationalism are almost rare. Even if there are a handful of honest and decent politicians, they either lack the vision or the assertiveness to implement a program or lack the raw nonchalant strength of character required to carry out a plan against odds. In Narendra Modi, India has a politician with most required qualities to change the tide. It is not any exaggeration to say that, after his experience and experimentation with Gujarat, he probably has the answers to all the problems that the nation is facing today. He is not only the best choice but perhaps the only choice to lead the country.The so called Gujarat model of development is nothing but the result of hard work of a visionary. There is no reason why it cannot be extended to the rest of India. The latest worldwide craze of the new US President Barack Obama who perhaps, beside his image and his words, has few other achievements to back him is the latest example of how media can make a person. No such favor can be expected from the hostile Indian media in case of Modi. His every word and every move are scrutinized microscopically to find a fault that can be used against him. Even if the so called Hindutva poster boy demolishes temples for the sake of widening a road, the fake secular media will find fault in him and would fancy a battle and pit him against other Hindu organizations. One can imagine what they would do if he destroys a church or a mosque. It is ironic that the Indian Media which goes gaga over a small icon of Hanuman that reportedly Obama carries with him fails to acknowledge the dedication of Hanumanji that Modi carries in his heart. Thus other than a handful of protagonist it is likely that the Indian media will not support Narendra Modi. Sure there will be opposition from other sides. Modi is the kind of personality who is bound to have overt or covert enemies. A lot of people will have a lot of undue privileges to lose and they are not expected to accept it willfully. Our self styled secularist, our opportunistic politicians, the folks who manage our national media, the activists who shed crocodile tears for the minorities will all fight till their last breath. A lot of national and possible international interests who would not like to see India to grow fast and become at par with developed nations will defy such a move. Already some are alarmed, "The more Moditva grows, the more its opposite has to be strengthened. But what will the Indian people want? We have to realize that collective candlelight based solidarity will not change the fate of our beloved nation. We have to demand the change with conviction. A revolution is required to save the country. We owe it to our past and we owe it to our future. Then there are other questions. Will Mr. Modi agree to step out of Gujarat? Will all the other leaders of BJP and its allies stand behind the person who can take this country and the party to an unprecedented zenith? Will good sense prevail in some of the other people in power today?Will we, the people of India unite, despite all disagreements, with a single minded goal of taking our country forward and will we be willing to get above all possible reservations about the man and choose the only person who can lead us towards that glory. Do we want that change?