Sunday, May 17, 2009

aah cricket!

well,my life has changed beyond 16th of may.the interest in politics is going away.i cannt say whether i m happy or not but i had understood dat indian democracy is not about choosing best its about choosing worse among worst.due to lack of choices on ediot box i had to move from indian political league to indian premire i dont check my BP but i m sure every time i see it my bp perhaps inreases.what had happened to cricket? such a drastic change all of sudden.20-20 is although good but i miss test.the perfect contest between bat and ball had ended.but what is more disheartning is new generation of cricketer's attitude.yesterday night6 i was really wondering that whether this is new india? if it is i m afraid of its consequences.the attitudes of yuvis,pathans had really got me over.cannt we find a rahul dravid again cannt we find a sourav ganguly again,cannt we find alaxman or kumble again.having said dat i m sure of one thing we cannt find sachin ever in our may be possible that we get a better batsman than sachin but such a humbility even after knowing he is one of the most sought after indian makes him unique.but lets leave sachin for a moment.but why had the new generation failed to be like dravid.the dependable,cool n mr perfect dravid.the same dravid who was a perfect son-in-law material.but where has the humbility gone now-a-days.there can be views that the pathan the yuvraj the ishant the sreesnath may be inspired by ganguly but den ganguly was a fighter in a true sense he was not a agressor.all i can wish that our board and our cricketers should understand dat cricket is not soccer